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Durat is an excellent material for surfaces of different kinds. It is a natural choice in places like restaurants, cafes, shops, hospitals, laboratories, boats, ships, bathrooms and kitchens.

Durat is cast into sheets and different sizes of sinks and bath tubs. The silky touch of the material is achieved by using the highest level raw materials.

Durat is a safe material to use in any environment and tested not to omit any VOC's. It has been tested safe for use with foodstuffs and fulfills the criteria for M1-classifications of low emission building products.

The Durat material offers designers almost infinite opportunities to create various surfaces. The sheets can be used to create, for example, coherent, seamless surfaces tens of meters in length with various forms of edge design and intarsia patterns. The seams can be sanded invisible.

Durat has an extensive collection of standard round, oval and rectangular sinks. The standard sinks can be attached to a top of more or less any length and width and the top can incorporate several sinks. The sinks are under mounted seamlessly to the top.

Uniquely, Durat can provide custom baths and basins to fit the special needs of a client with the use of a flexible mould technology.   Shower trays can be made into any dimension with similar properties as the standard ones.The maximum dimensions of a custom shower tray are 2000 x 1000 mm.

Durat is extremely durable and can be renewed by slight sanding. The material is very resistant to wear, humidity and various kinds of chemicals. Durat is fabricated using woodworking tools into seamless surfaces by cutting, gluing and sanding. The standard sheet size of Durat is 2900 x 800 x 12 mm.

Our Durat material is processed with woodworking tools, the Durat adhesive is used for gluing the seams.

Durat top is backed up with 12-18 mm plywood or mdf-support. The support plate is attached to Durat with silicon and a gap of 2mm is left between the two materials.

The standard satin finish for a Durat surface is achieved by sanding it with grit 400. For a more polished surface a sand paper up to grid 1000 can be used. Durat can be thermoformed to create curved surfaces up to radius 700mm.

Durat has an extensive network of authorized local solid surface fabricators. Durat can provide training for fabricators who would join the constantly expanding Durat network.


The lifecycle of a Durat product can be extended almost endlessly with proper care and maintenance. The finish of Durat products can be easily renewed: scratches and other marks removed. A quick re-polish will make the surface of your Durat look as good as new. 

Scratches can be made to disappear with light sanding and cracks can be filled to make the surface look impeccable.

Durat can offer a long lasting service agreements to ensure a lifelong quality for our products.


Durat is 100% recyclable. We can offer to take back all Durat-products and recycle them.  We will either use the Durat as raw material ingredient to make new Durat material or we can renew and recycle them by fixing them for new users.  At the moment - we only offer the service in Finland. 

Durat gives a guarantee of 15 years for the material, 10 years for fabricated items.

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